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Access to Care, Universal Health Coverage

Madamba, Wilster Don Approach Towards Accessible Health Care in a Low-Resource Setting: Diplahan Municipality, Mindanao, Philippines P-1-01
Ajayi, Adebola DRF Operation in Public Health Facilities: Nigeria P-1-02
Stoermer, Manfred Low Cost Technologies to Support Health Insurance Mechanisms Catering to Universal Health Coverage P-1-03
Adeniyi, Nurudeen Welding and Cement Block Moulding in Nigeria; Benefits and Long Term Consequences. P-1-04
Jackson, Yves-Laurent New migratory flux in Europe, new public health challenges P-1-05
Mersini, Ehadu Innovative approaches to Participatory Health Promotion in Albania Show Promising Results P-1-06
Ferrer, Alice Joan Validating the Extent of Coverage in National Health Insurance Program in Leyte Province, Philippines P-1-07
Haque, Rezaul Delivering Health Care Services Through Specialized Health Camps: Lessons from Gonoshasthaya Kendra (GK), Bangladesh P-1-08
Sanudi, Lifah Barriers and facilitators to accessing HIV/AIDS services for persons with disabilities in Machinga district, Malawi. A qualitative study. P-1-09
Engelbert, Manga Organisation de la Prise en Charge Communautaire des Malades Epileptiques dans les Districts de Santé d'Obala et d'Elig-Mfomo: Cameroun P-1-10
Kadesha, Besnik Quality of Care in transition countries: the case of Albania P-1-11
Nguhiu, Peter Determining the Effective Coverage of Maternal and Child Health Services in Kenya: Tracking progress towards UHC P-1-12
Magadzire, Bvudzai Priscilla Improving medicines supply chain efficiency through centralised dispensing of essential medicines in the public sector: South Africa P-1-13
Christofori-Khadka, Monika Equitable Access to Quality Health for the most Vulnerable: Vision or Reality? An ex post Review in five Countries P-1-14
Randriambelonoro, Mirana Cost-Effective and Infrastructure-Less Augmented Pathfinding for Hospitals P-1-15
Ahmed, Manzur Kadir Innovative approach of delivering maternal and child health services in resource-poor environment: A case study of Gonoshahthaya Kendra (GK) of Bangladesh P-1-16


Communicable Diseases, Emerging Diseases and Global Threats

Caoili, Salvador Eugenio Addressing Global Health Challenges with EboTrac, a Lightweight EMR and Patient Contact Tracing Mobile App: Philippines P-2-01
Beyene, Habtamu Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) for Point-of-care Detection of Asymptomatic Malaria: A Novel Tool To Malaria Elimination P-2-02
Irawati, Lyna Exploring Knowledge and Perceptions of Antibiotic Resistance Among Community Residents: Penang State, Malaysia P-2-03
Kouassi, Dongo Community Lead Total Sanitation (CLTS) in Urban Districts P-2-04
Mahato, Roshan Kumar Delay for first consultation and its associated factors among new pulmonary tuberculosis patients of Central, Nepal P-2-05
Mayala, Benjamin Spatial variation of malaria in relation to land use, climate and socioeconomic factors in Tanzania P-2-06
Duvernay, Pierre-Gilles Prévention des Infections Nosocomiales Grâce aux Dispositifs de Production Locale d'Hypochlorite de Sodium: Burkina Faso P-2-07
Diamantis, Sylvain Déclinaison Territoriale de la Lutte Contre l'Antibiorésistance : Seine-et-Marne/France P-2-08
Zorzi, Nathalie Investing in Mortality Data Systems and Analytical Capacity for Improved Measurement of Impact of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria: Africa and Asia P-2-09


Drugs and Vaccines

Reinhard-Rupp, Jutta Innovation in R&D for poverty-related diseases: an example from industry P-3-01
Oraka, Chinedu Assessing the Rising Cases of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus: Hospital and Community-Associated Cases P-3-02
Shankar, Manjari The Use of Mobile Health Technology in Promoting Infant Vaccine Adherence - A Health Technology Assessment P-3-03
Jeannot, Emilien Immunization rates in a closed custody facility for adolescents in Switzerland P-3-04
Seymour, Brittany Digital Communications and Childhood Vaccinations: An International Media Study P-3-05
Kumar, Omesh Local infiltration of Rabies immunoglobulins without systemic administration an cost effective, life saving approach for passive immunization against rabies P-3-06
Schappler, Julie Low-Cost Capillary Electrophoresis For Counterfeit Detection And Quality Control Of Substandard Drugs In Emerging Countries. P-3-07
Greenberg, Alexandra Global Equity in Biomedical Research: Assessing research innovation, technology, access and student empowerment to meet the world's most neglected health needs P-3-08


Humanitarian Emergencies

Durieux-Paillard, Sophie Santé des demandeurs d'asile en Suisse : une urgence humanitaire ? P-4-01
Schneider, Martin Taking Care of War Wounded and Traffic Accidents: An Observation of Injuries During Conflict in a Surgical African Hospital P-4-02


Mental Health and Brain Disorders

Djatché Miafo, Joel Supervision par Skype d'un Projet en Santé Mentale pour Mères Adolescentes : Cameroun P-5-01
Caradja, Jasmine Mental Healthcare Management in Bulgaria P-5-02
Djatché Miafo, Joel Prise en Soins Innovatrice des Troubles Mentaux des Mères Adolescentes : Cameroun P-5-03
Harper, Melissa Cultural Adaptation of Self-help (including E-Mental Health) Interventions P-5-04
Inglin, Sophie Can a Film Save Lives? : participatory video in Cameroon P-5-05
Tamondong, Angeline Screening of Female Sex Workers' Mental Health Status: Basis for the Creation of a Mental Health Policy in Zamboanga City, Mindanao, Philippines P-5-06
Albanese, Emiliano One Size Does Not Fit All – the Development of a Tailoring, Automated Algorithm of Internet-Based Interventions for Caregivers of People with Dementia P-5-07
Albanese, Emiliano Psychosocial Support of School Children in Kurdistan, Iraq P-5-08
Albanese, Emiliano Internet Based Interventions for Carers of Persons with Dementia: are we ready to recommend use at a public health level? P-5-09
Genton, Pierre Programmes de Dépistage et de Prise en Charge de l'Epilepsie en Zone Rurale au Mali, à Madagascar et au Bénin P-5-10


Non-Communicable Diseases

Metanmo-Ndziha, Salvatore First cohort screening of cardiovascular dysautonomy in type 1 diabetic young adults in Yaounde, Cameroon P-6-01
Rana, Ritu Community Pharmacist's knowledge and dispensing behaviour towards diabetes and hypertension care: Study in two states of India P-6-02
Rana, Ritu Perceptions and behavior on diabetes and hypertension prevention among adults: A qualitative study in two Indian states P-6-03
Malhotra, Cheena Patient Peers as Promising Agents to Manage Diabetes and Hypertension: India P-6-04
Mukhtarova, Parvina Knowledge and behaviour of cardiovascular risk factors among adults in communities of South Tajikistan P-6-05
Abdurajan, Shalima Managing Hypertension through Community Partnership Scheme (CPS): Diplahan Municipality, Mindanao, Philippines P-6-06
Etter, Jean-François Implementing mobile applications for users of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis: Switzerland P-6-07
Matis, Caroline Support for the Reform of Training in Palliative Care Nurses in Kyrgyzstan P-6-08
Beyene, Habtamu Hematocrit values for apparently healthy adult population in Jimma town, Western Ethiopia: A cost effective tool to screen anemia P-6-09
Habibu, Issah From Diagnoses to Optimum Health Outcomes: A Model to Optimize Clients and Carers Involvement in Diabetes Care. P-6-10
Mayen-Chacon, Ana-Lucia Socioeconomic Predictors of Dietary Patterns Among Guatemalan Adults P-6-11
Mayen-Chacon, Ana-Lucia Socioeconomic Inequalities and diet in Seychelles P-6-12
Mashori, Mohammad Hassan Non-Communicable Diseases Problem in Pakistan P-6-13
Bakhturidze, George Public participation problems in public health policy-making in Georgia P-6-14
Ghannem, Hassen "Together in Health Project" to prevent noncommunicable disease risk factors in Sousse, Tunisia P-6-15


Strengthening Health Systems, Healthcare workforce development

Some, Satouro Integrated eDiagnosis Approach (IeDA): Assessing the Quality of the Management of Children Illnesses in Burkina Faso at the Primary Health Care Level P-7-01
Wachsmuth-Huguet, Isabelle Healthcare Information for All: improving the availability of health information worldwide P-7-02
Qirjako, Gentiana Innovative Approaches in the Development of Health Promotion Policy in Albania P-7-03
Molesworth, Kate From health education to participatory health promotion: Piloting multi-sectoral approaches in Dodoma Region, Tanzania P-7-04
Panibatla, Vikas Pharmacists as Important Stakeholders in TB Care and Control in India – A Success Story P-7-05
Cenko, Fabian Implementing Continuing Medical Education: Albania P-7-06
Azabji-Kenfack, Marcel Implementing sophisticated low-cost and validated approach to screen cardiovascular dysautonomy in newly diagnosed diabetic patients, Yaounde, Cameroon P-7-07
Lemnye, Nadine Pioneer study of Glycemic Index of the most consumed forms of processed cassava food, Yaoundé, Cameroon P-7-08
Panibatla, Vikas Community Stakeholders As Active Players In TB Care & Control P-7-09
Pemba, Senga Public-private partnerships to strengthen human resources for health through training and eLearning: a case study from Tanzania P-7-10
Oliwa, Jacquie Improving Use of Diagnostics for Detection of Tuberculosis in Children P-7-11
Trivedi, Archana Facilitating Notification and Treatment Adherence of Tuberculosis (TB) Patients Treated in the Private Sector: Pilot Study From India P-7-12
Madamba, Wilster Don Measuring the 'Social Obligation' of Ateneo de Zamboanga University - School of Medicine: Zamboanga City, Mindanao, Philippines P-7-13
Djientcheu, Vincent de Paul Is the Medical Educative Environment Suitable for Telemedicine and E-Learning in Cameroon? P-7-14
Djientcheu, Vincent de Paul The Evaluation of the Impact of a Program of Online Training on the Level of Knowledge in Health Education and Research in Sub-Saharan African Environment. P-7-15
Bohle, Leah F. To trust or not to trust? Malaria diagnostics in the United Republic of Tanzania P-7-16
Danjuma, Daniel Board Composition: A Catalyst for Innovation and Efficiency in Developing Countries P-7-17
Castro, Gonçalo Sustaining Innovation Through a Regional eHealth Strategy in Ukraine P-7-18
Sumbi, Victor Use of Mobile Technology to Improve Access to Standard Treatment Guidelines in Kenya P-7-19
Nouetchognou, Julienne Stéphanie Assessment of the prevention of nosocomial infections: Yaoundé, Cameroon P-7-20
Shankar, Manjari Exploring Mobile Technologies for Healthcare Delivery in Southern States of India: Some Observations on Emerging Policy Issues P-7-21
Pervilhac, Cyril Amélioration de la Qualité des Services de Santé dans les Epidémies- Axée sur Ebola P-7-22
Ajayi, Adebola Pharmacists' Involvement in Cancer Patient Management: Nigeria P-7-23
Banu, Laila Parveen Training Future Physicians for Universal Health Coverage in Bangladesh P-7-24
Ngougni, Maurice Effectiveness of a culturally-sensitive exercise training as lifestyle intervention against NCD in low income setting, Baleveng, West Cameroon P-7-25
N/a, Nasrullah Improve health care Services through quality assurance, build staff professional capacity, and increasing access; P-7-26
Perkins, Janet Innovative approaches to improving health workers' interpersonal skills in Burkina Faso P-7-27
Rasheed, Sabrina What are the current status of Information, Communication Technology (ICT)-based health interventions in Bangladesh? P-7-28
Mutebi, Aloysius Does splitting districts harm public health system performance. Evidence from Uganda P-7-29
Hamidova, Zarofat Innovative approaches to strengthen decentralised management capacities in Central Asia P-7-30
Trivedi, Archana mTB – Mobile Application Enhances Detection of TB Cases in Rural Settings – Study From India P-7-31
Ravinetto, Raffaela Informed consent in socio-economically vulnerable communities: when Good Clinical Practices are not enough P-7-32
Beyene, Habtamu Guinea worm eradication demands intensification of existing intervention strategies and innovative approaches P-7-33
Wyss, Kaspar Assessment of work-time allocation of family nurses and family doctors through direct observation in rural Tajikistan P-7-34
Hamroeva, Zumrad Involving Students to Evaluate the Impact of Curriculum Reform on the Learning Environment: Tajikistan P-7-35
Mohan, Surapaneni Need of Operational Research in Public Health Training Workforce P-7-36
von Grünigen, Sandrine Improving Pharmaceutical Management as part of quality of care strengthening project in a first-level Referral Hospital in Rural Tanzania P-7-37


Sustainability in Healthcare System: Waste, Energy, Water supply, Low-carbon footprint systems

Toktobaev, Nurzhan An Innovative Low-Сost National Health Care Waste Management System in Kyrgyz Republic P-8-01


Women and Child Health

Riabtseva, Nataliia Improving Perinatal Clinical Practices in Ukraine P-9-01
Rasheed, Sabrina Feasibility and acceptability of breast milk supportive technology among Garments factory workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh P-9-02
Mutebi, Aloysius Benefits of a maternal and child health transport voucher study. A transporter's perspective in Pallisa district in Eastern Uganda P-9-03
Wahed, Tasnuva Pregnancy and Contraceptive Behavior Among Urban Female Sex Workers Of Bangladesh P-9-04
Ferrer, Alice Joan Identifying and Monitoring Pregnant Mothers and Couples with Unmet Need for Modern Family Planning in Leyte Province, Philippines P-9-05
Cornier, Nadine Cost Analysis of Cervical Cancer Screening Using Visual Inspection With Acetic Acid (VIA) in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) P-9-06
Zulu, Margaret HIV Self Testing: Upscaling Women's access to HIV Testing and Counselling and PMTCT in Eastern and Southern Africa. P-9-07
Zulu, Margaret Community Driven Reusable Sanitary Ware Production: Women and Girls Empowerment in Ward 12 of Mutasa District, Manicaland, Zimbabwe. P-9-08
Blanchet, Karl Integrated eDiagnosis Approach (IeDA): Improving the Quality of the Management of Children Illnesses in Burkina Faso at the Primary Health Care Level P-9-09
Soremekun, Oyindamola Male involvement in Maternal Health Care: A Qualitative study of men and women of reproductive age in Ibadan South East and South-West, Nigeria. P-9-10
Soremekun, Oyindamola Unsafe Sexual Practices Among Young Women in SSA: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Research Relevant to the Implementation of Effective Interventions P-9-11
Šiupšinskas, Gelmius Management of Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) in Maternities of Kyrgyzstan P-9-12
Minjiwa epse Djoukoue, Florence Nutrition status and immune profile of HIV infected children prior the initiation of antiretroviral treatment in Yaoundé, Cameroon P-9-13
Amit Kumar, Sharma Improving Women and Child Health : Personalized mHealth Experience Through Gender Sensitive Approach P-9-14
Staderini, Nelly Desengagement de l'Hopital de Leogane, Haiti, 5 ans après le seisme P-9-15


Surgery, Trauma, Obstetrics

Ziltener, Jean-Luc CellularMatrix : the complementary clinical effects of HA and PRP in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis P-10-01