BS1: COHRED and Institut de droit de la santé: System Innovations: Using the Law to Improve Global Health

BS1: COHRED and Institut de droit de la santé: System Innovations: Using the Law to Improve Global Health

Lieu: Salle 13 Date : 20 avril 2016 Heure: 08:00 - 09:00


In Global Health, the law is rarely considered to be an ally to achieving national, regional and global health and development goals. Yet, successful public health campaigns like tobacco control and road safety demonstrate that effective legal interventions can be expeditiously developed, evaluated and diffused, even in the face of ideological and industry opposition. With this session, we will be introducing three innovations that use law and legislation to improve public health globally.


General objective:

Legal process has much to offer low and middle income countries in terms of building their own infrastructure for health, health research and health care. In many countries, access to legal support is difficult, expensive and often not available. We would like to discuss three innovations that demonstrate how law can be turned into a tool to support global health and global health research – and see how much more can be done in future!


Specific topic addressed:

1. Making contracting law accessible to improve negotiating power of research institutions in low and middle income countries. (Fair Research Contracting / FRC)
2. Creating a ‘law atlas’ to support epidemiologic research. (Law Atlas)
3. Building a global information and training base of legislation relevant to biomedical research.



ID Title of the presentation Name of the speaker Organisation Country

Fair Research Contracting

Jacintha Toohey/Carel IJsselmuiden


South Africa/Switzerland


LawAtlas and scientific policy surveillance system

Géraldine Marks/Scott Burris




TRREE: Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation

Dominique Sprumont







Language: English (French)
Contact Person: Dominique Sprumont