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Access to Care, Universal Health Coverage

Bodson, Oriane Assessing implementation fidelity of a result-based financing intervention in Burkina Faso PYR-1-01
de Castro, Jorge Sustainable investments to health services offer expansion and management PYR-1-02
Debeaudrap, Pierre Accès aux soins de santé sexuelle et reproductive des jeunes en situation de handicap à Yaoundé-Cameroun PYR-1-03
Delavy, Martine Performance of D-VIA versus D-VILI for triage of premalignant and malignant cervical lesions in HPV-positive women in sub-Saharan Africa PYR-1-04
Drabo, Seydou Maternal mortality and unsafe abortion: challenges with accessing Post Abortion Care (PAC) in Burkina Faso PYR-1-05
Fatima, Arooj A Long road to Universal Health in Pakistan PYR-1-06
Girardet, Anne Feasibility of a smartphone application in the context of cervical cancer screening in low resource settings PYR-1-07
Goura A Koukoum, Andre Pascal Therapeutic itineraries of HIV patients followed up in Western Cameroon Health Management Units PYR-1-08
Hasan, Md Zabir Community Mobilization for Participating in a Health Security Program: Experiences of BRAC Female Community Health Workers PYR-1-09
Kunckler, Margot Cervical cancer screening in Cameroon: Feasibility of a single-visit approach using rapid HPV-testing PYR-1-10
Mabire, Cedric Nursing discharge planning for older medical inpatients in Switzerland: a cross-sectional study PYR-1-11
Mukadi-Kaningu, Pierre SMS photograph-based external quality assessment of reading and interpretation of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in the Democratic Republic of the Congo PYR-1-13
Nigolian, Ani Validation of Multi-Lead ECG Recordings Using a Smartphone: Geneva PYR-1-14
Oshima, Yoshiyuki Recreational Drugs Use and Access to Care Among Gay Men and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men in Geneva, Switzerland PYR-1-15
Santoro, Alessio Primary health care reform in the United Nation Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) PYR-1-16
Santoro, Alessio Integrating Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS) into UNRWA's Primary Healthcare PYR-1-17
Stotsko, Pavel The research program of public health in the context of globalization PYR-1-18
Svetlovich, Tatyana Integrating medical and social care for the elderly: effectiveness of different types of Home Care Services in Belarus PYR-1-19
Tadjudje, Willy Creation and sustainability of Social and Solidarity Economy's enterprises in the health domain PYR-1-20
Zender, Nicole Use of the Lives Saved Tool (LiST) to evaluate the impact of access to delivery care on maternal mortality in Kenya PYR-1-21
Marie Thérèse Ngo Nsoga Auto6soin : comment s'occuper de ses plaies, expérience du centre de prise en charge des plaies chroniques d'Akonolinga, Cameroun PYR-1-22


Communicable Diseases, Emerging Diseases and Global Threats

Christinet, Vanessa How Operational Research in a Médecins Sans Frontières Buruli Ulcer Treatment Programme Informed International Management Guidance PYR-2-01
Irawati, Lyna Exploring Knowledge and Attitudes of Community Residents Towards Antibiotics: Penang State, Malaysia PYR-2-02
Jeannot, Emilien Immunization rates in a closed custody facility for adolescents in Switzerland PYR-2-03
Kastien-Hilka, Tanja Health-related quality of life and its association to medication adherence in pulmonary tuberculosis in South Africa – Designing a Study PYR-2-04
Manglani, Sapna Rapid malaria test with automated analysis, data capture and centralised data platform to reduce the economic burden of and improve frontline care PYR-2-05
Mugglin, Catrina Trends in ART Discontinuation by Age in Malawi, 2004 – 2014 PYR-2-06
Ruiz de Castaneda, Rafael Use of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) as an Innovative Tool in the Global Health Response to the 2014 Ebola Outbreak PYR-2-07


Drugs and Vaccines

Fatima, Arooj Malnutrition-leading to reduced efficacy of Polio Vaccine PYR-3-01
Macarayan, Erlyn Rachelle Technological tools and innovations for monitoring vaccine delivery PYR-3-02
Magadzire, Bvudzai Priscilla Novel Models for Distribution of Medicines for Chronic Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases: South Africa PYR-3-03
Nguefack Azakoh, Joliette Tolérance et adhésion des femmes en âge de procréer aux contraceptifs modernes dans trois hôpitaux de District de l'Ouest-Cameroun. PYR-3-04
Ravinetto, Raffaela Informed consent in socio-economically vulnerable communities: when Good Clinical Practices are not enough PYR-3-05
Shankar, Manjari The Use of Mobile Health Technology in Promoting Infant Vaccine Adherence- A Health Technology Assessment PYR-3-06
Ujuju, Chinazo Sustaining the Gains of ACTs for Malaria Treatment PYR-3-07
Vischer, Nerina The GCP guideline and its interpretation – perceptions of clinical trial teams in sub-Saharan Africa PYR-3-08


Humanitarian Emergencies

Karadag Caman, Ozge Empowering Young Refugees to Increase Their Access to Health Care in Turkey: A Photovoice Study PYR-4-01


Mental Health and Brain Disorders

Fatima, Arooj Etiological factors of Neonatal Seizures PYR-5-01
Kounou, Kossi B. Stress post-traumatique, Somatisation et Qualité de vie chez les Réfugiés en Afrique Subsaharienne PYR-5-02
Nfizi Koya, Mugisho Quelles prévalence et prise en charge des enfants soldats atteints d'ESPT[1] en République Démocratique du Congo PYR-5-03


Non-Communicable Diseases

Cernelev, Olga Promoting Healthy Diets Through a Website: Republic of Moldova PYR-6-01
Eyong, Justin Bienvenu Pratiques des populations de six regions du cameroun sur les morsures de serpents PYR-6-02
Hernández Gallegos, María del Rosario Learning to live with chronic diseases, through the empowerment of older persons: Mexico PYR-6-03
Hernández Gallegos, María del Rosario Teaching different types of diabetes through youth empowerment: Mexico PYR-6-04
Issom, David-Zacharie Comprehensive mHealth tools for people with sickle cell disease PYR-6-05
Laurencet, marie-eva Early discharge in low-risk patients hospitalized for acute coronary syndromes: feasibility, safety and reasons for prolonged length of stay PYR-6-06
Shih, Chin-Shui E-cigarettes, Medical Device or Tobacco Products: Taiwan PYR-6-07
Katharina JUNGO Food Waste, Climate Change and Health: The implementation of the Stop Food Waste - Save the Climate toolkit in Swiss households Food Waste PYR-6-08
Sanghyun In eCO2, a way to promote green transportation habits PYR-6-09
Dalia Samhouri Development of a Tool for the Joint External Evaluation of the Implementation of the Capacities of the International Health Regulations (2005) PYR-6-10


Strengthening Health Systems, Healthcare workforce development

Karlin, Kirill Uncover insights hidden in aggregated medical data. PYR-7-01
Koirala, Kanika Deshpande A guide to the diagnostic management of persistent febrile illnesses in eastern Nepal PYR-7-02
Koya, Mapendo Mutalegwa Enseignants HES du Canton de Vaud : Processus d’acquisition des outils pédagogiques. PYR-7-03
Koya, Mapendo Mutalegwa Systèmes de santé et conflits armés: quelles implications? Cas de l'Est de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) PYR-7-04
Koya, Mapendo Mutalegwa Milieux académiques et institutions sanitaires : quelle responsabilité sociale dans l'évolution des systèmes de santé à l'ère de la globalisation? PYR-7-05
Lingg, Myriam When is procurement expected to harm clinical practice? A qualitative study comparing countries PYR-7-06
Lingg, Myriam How does the knowledge environment shape procurement practices of orthopaedic medical devices in Mexico? PYR-7-07
Oliwa, Jacquie Improving Use of Diagnostics for Detection of Tuberculosis in Children PYR-7-08
Renmans, Dimitri Adding oil and glue to the prescription: payments based on performance as facilitator for other reforms PYR-7-09
Sobhan, Shafinaz Effectiveness and Sustainability of a Community Health Worker Model in Bangladesh PYR-7-10


Sustainability in Healthcare System: Waste, Energy, Water supply, Low-carbon footprint systems

Birungi, Charles Innovatively managing fiscal sustainability pressures? A fiscal analysis of the long-term liabilities of financing the national HIV/AIDS response in Uganda PYR-8-01
Fatima, Arooj Poor Handling of Wastes in Hospitals PYR-8-02


Women and Child Health

Awolaran, Olusegun Fear of Side Effect as a Barrier to Long Term Contraceptive Use in Southwest, Nigeria PYR-9-01
Awomo Ndongo, Jean Colbert Etat de santé déclaré et longévité selon le genre en Afrique subsaharienne: cas du Cameroun PYR-9-02
Fatima, Arooj Lifestyle and Breast Cancer PYR-9-03
Gerritsma, Noortje Johanna Implementing a Family Health Team Approach and the Quality of Infant-Healthcare: Jordan PYR-9-04
Islam, Rubana Understanding User Perceptions on Usability and Challenges of WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist: Bangladesh PYR-9-05
Kadji, Keou Kambiwa Systematic literature review of the evidence for the application of mobile health technologies to improve maternal and child nutrition PYR-9-06
Malik, Dr. Sayeda Shabukta Intensive counselling on Breastfeeding: Prevent the dropout from EBF: Bangladesh PYR-9-07
Pelletier Vernooy, Camille Assessment of Antenatal Care among Palestine Women, United Nations Works and Relief Agency for the Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) in Jordan PYR-9-08
Perrin, Caroline Impact assessment of eHealth on maternal and neonatal health outcomes in low resource settings PYR-9-09
Roulet, Amélie Prévalence de la syphilis et connaissances des modes de contamination des infections de transmission sexuelle (IST) dans une prison pour femme, la Paz, Bolivie PYR-9-10
Salem, Ania Using mHealth to improve the knowledge of obstetric warning signs in the low-resource setting of Ambanja district, Madagascar. PYR-9-11
Schermerhorn, Jordan Reminders, Refugees, and Ramadan: Characterizing Missed Immunization Appointments among Palestinian Refugees in Jordan PYR-9-12