C3 Federal café : AidInfoPlus – Mastering health data and information for change

C3 Federal café : AidInfoPlus – Mastering health data and information for change

Invited Session
Location: Exhibition Floor Date: April 19, 2016 Time: 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm


The field of global health has grown into a major knowledge industry, generating massive volumes of information and data, exposing concerned professionals to vast and quickly expanding collections of online resources (websites, social media, open databases, etc.). With the rollout of the Sustainable Development Goals and calls for a data revolution in international aid, hopes are high that these can be used to raise accountability and efficiency in health programs. In reality, there is still very limited capacity to use and efficiently manage this unprecedented flow of data.


General objective:

This session gives an overview of the challenges linked to transforming transparency efforts in global health into concrete outcomes. It highlights the enormous needs for building capacity in this field and introduces AidInfoPlus, a new Geneva-based nonprofit that aims to assist aid professionals, academics, civil society and media representatives to find their way in the maze of global health information.


Specific topic addressed:

This session briefly addresses some of the obstacles to the use of open data and information, issues linked to the quality (accessibility, reliability, usefulness, timeliness) and quantity of data, to the lack of knowledge, time and skills to search, verify and analyze available information. It exposes the limits of traditional training methods such as workshops and online courses to bring about change in developing countries, and it presents an innovative approach to building capacity that includes a free online Q&A service managed by aid data experts.


Mastering health data and information for change

Robert Bourgoing, AidInfoPlus, Switzerland