PS1-4: Integrated community care in transition countries

PS1-4: Integrated community care in transition countries

Location: Room 3 Date: April 20, 2016 Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
ID Name of the moderator Organisation Country
PS1-4/0 Swiss TPH Switzerland


ID Title of the presentation Name of the speaker Organisation Country
PS1-4/1 Nuria Toro WHO Switzerland
PS1-4/2 Integrating medical and social services in rural communities: recent experience of Romania Florentina Fortunescu

University of Medicine and Phar- macy «Carol Davila»

PS1-4/3  Development of primary health care in Kosovo Genc Ymerhalili

Ministry of Health of Kosovo

PS1-4/4 Community Action for health in Kyrgyzstan: Empowering and engaging people. Tolkun Djamangulova

Swiss Red Cross

Kyrgyz Republic

PS1-4/5 Integrated medico-social home care services (a new model in Eastern Europe/CIS) Monika Christofori-Khadka Swiss Red Cross Switzerland