Elmar Mock

Elmar Mock, born 1954, graduated as engineer of micro- (1976) and plastic- technology (1978). In 1980, he was co-inventor of the original Swatch Watch. From the creation of the invention until the year 1984, he was one of the most important leaders of the Swatch project. Another very successful product, which he developed for “Tissot”, is the RockWatch (1985).

After co-inventing the Swatch, Elmar launched his own innovation firm - Creaholic - in 1986. Today, Creaholic is a team of innovative experts from a variety of different fields (science, design, engineering, electronics, economics, etc). Creaholic worked on a wide range of products, from hearing aids to ski gear, from packaging to flavors, from software to micromechanical devices and collaborate at various point along the innovation journey from idea to implementation – exploring, conceptualising, designing, building, testing, refining and to some extend selling.

Turning a dream into an actual product is what gives Creaholic's clients a timely business advantage – and therein lays Elmar's passion for mythmaking. Elmar has created more than 80 patent families in various industries. He has an experience in more than 600 projects. Among other awards, Elmar (Jacques Müller) received the Gaïa Prize for the concept and invention of the Swatch. Finally, since Creaholic is incubator of several spin-offs, Elmar is attending in some different Advisory Board, such as for example Woodwelding, Miniswys and Smixin.