Pradeep Kakkattil

Pradeep Kakkattil started his career as a film maker and journalist but was moved to act when he learned about one of his friends getting infected with HIV in late 1980s. He helped lead one of the first anthropological researches mapping sex workers in South India which led to the development of effective models for interventions with female sex workers and their clients, men having sex with men and transgendered communities. Subsequently, he worked with DFID in India on establishing systems for high impact and large scale programs on sexual health and for the last 17 years has worked in various capacities with UNAIDS at the national, regional and global levels leading work on innovations, partnerships with key financing mechanisms, technical and programmatic support to countries and communities and in establishing programs that respond to the needs of the communities. In his current role, he advices on innovative financing, political and policy analysis and engagement with key stakeholders towards ending AIDS by 2030.