Global Health Equity Foundation

Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF)is a non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of people who lack access to health education, prevention services, and healthcare. The Foundation is a primary source of knowledge on health equity and integrates its research into advocacy and capacity building projects for improved health equity worldwide.

The Foundation's comprehensive, inter-disciplinary and integrated approach raises awareness about inequities in health, and also provides practical guidelines for making tangible improvements in global health equity. The Foundation shares expertise, explores new methodologies and technologies, and seeks to translate basic knowledge of the causes and consequences of health inequities into practical and innovative solutions that may be deployed to avert inequities. GHEF promotes the concept that equity in health is a core principle for the advancement of human society.

GHEF's three strategic activity areas – research, capacity building and advocacy –are part of a value chain through which it promotes and supports improvements in health equity. Through these strategies GHEF inspires and empowers capacity-building at multiple levels – from local to global – and provides tools with which to advocate for increased equity in health. The strategies also serve to communicate the need for reorienting global, national and local systems and practices toward building more healthy and equitable societies.

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