The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW) is the global trade association representing the full-service pharmaceutical wholesale distribution sector. With members based in 19 countries, and servicing many more markets, the role of the association is to help its members and stakeholders advance the safe, efficient and continuous access to pharmaceuticals worldwide through the promotion of good distribution practices and services.

IFPW's current strategic objectives are to: Improve the image and promote the value proposition of full-line wholesalers to all stakeholders; Strengthen key stakeholder relationships through engaging in meaningful and relevant dialogues; Collaborate with stakeholders and other wholesalers' associations to advance global health standards, access to medicines and supply chain safety initiatives; and to continue to serve as the industry's international networking and information platform.

In regards to the latter, IFPW produces a biweekly electronic newsletter, FOCUS, which summarizes key industry events impacting the sector and organizes meetings and conferences which include its annual CEO Roundtable and biennial General Membership Meeting to promote effective dialogue and meaningful relationships across sectors.

In increasing its commitment to Global Health initiatives - particularly those focused on increasing access and availability of medicines, vaccines and other essential commodities – IFPW recently created a charitable arm, IFPW Foundation, to serve as a vehicle for the industry to provide support and share wholesalers' experiences and expertise in programs facing ͞"last mile" or supply chain challenges.

To learn more, please visit www.ifpw.com or www.ifpwfoundation.org. Also on Twitter at @ifpw and @ifpwfoundation.