Winds of Hope

Winds of Hope (WoH) is a recognized humanitarian public utility foundation whose purpose is to rescue child victims of war, disasters, diseases and conflicts. It focuses in particular on combating ignored or forgotten forms of suffering in such children. Its primary objective is the elimination of noma. The foundation's aims are to :

Address the root causes of the evil and so avoid treating the consequences. All the foundation's actions are based on preventive information, early detection and primary health care. WoH does not primarily wish to substitute for non-governmental or humanitarian organizations active in the field, but rather to give them the means to implement simple, cost-effective prevention programs with a strong multiplier effect,accessible to the greatest possible number of people.
Join forces
Form a chain to fight against noma and gather together all those involved in this fight to: exchange experiences, harmonize practices, develop synergies, improve the efficiency of field work, and speak with one voice to the authorities.
In 2003, WoH created the International NoNoma Federation. Since then, WoH has organized and funded the annual roundtable that bring together some thirty associations and humanitarian NGOs.
Publicize noma and mobilize international action by conducting outreach and advocacy for the elimination of noma, by means of public-speaking engagements and meetings with government authorities. Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones use their fame to mobilize the international community and the general public, as well as powerful political, financial and economic circles.

WoH always acts on two levels: in the field, with charitable institutions, to ensure short-term effectiveness of the actions; and with national and international authorities, to ensure that these actions continue to have long-term effect.