World Health Summit Geneva Meeting

Welcome to Geneva Health Forum and the World Health Summit Geneva Meeting, 19-21 April 2016!

The Geneva Health Forum (GHF) will celebrate its tenth edition in 2016, and at this exceptional occasion, will host the World Health Summit (WHS) Regional meeting in Geneva. This historic partnership between the two most dynamic events in Europe in terms of overall health, seals a deep friendship between the members of these international networks, but also a desire to bring together the thoughts, analyzes, recommendations on crucial issues for health humanity. Where health issues are at stake, it was essential for the organizers of these events not to be in a competitive dynamic, certainly stimulating for research, but that could blur the message when it comes to recommendations for public policy. A voice for global health requires the union of our forces, the combination of our skills and the sharing of our ideas.
The theme of the 2016 GHF is affordable and sustainable innovation in health care, because we want the "miracles" performed for health and so often boasted, rightly in the country richer, are better shared and distributed throughout the world. Why a young suffering from Hodgkin's disease can now enjoys a near-normal life expectancy in developed economies and still with an almost certain death sentence in poor countries? Why the performance diagnostics of communicable diseases are not available in the countries where epidemics are emerging most frequently? Yet, they save valuable time by an early warning and save lives, but they could avoid health crises of international magnitude of sometimes a considerable economic and social cost. How to make progress in health fairer and better distributed? The GHF 2016 hosting the WHS for three days in Geneva will be a unique opportunity to encourage networking between the academic and hospital worlds, experts from major global health international and non-governmental organizations, public-private partnerships, industrial – leading tomorrow's health innovations and permanent missions and delegations to the United Nations in Geneva. In 2016, form the 19 to 21 April, Geneva is the place to be to discuss the overall health we want for tomorrow!

For the Geneva Health Forum

Pr Antoine Flahault
Pr Antoine Geissbuhler
Dr Claudine Mathieu Thiébaud
Nicole Rosset, PhD